Mumma Julians x Impossible Foods

Mumma believes in a better future, which is why Mumma has linked up with Impossible Foods - helping Mumma create traditional authentic meals for meat eaters, with the award winning beef made entirely from plants. Impossible™ Beef uses 91% less water, 92% less GHG emissions and 92% less land. Not only is it the most sustainable meat alternative, Impossible™ Beef has 18.8g of protein per 113g serving, is a wonderful source of iron and 100% of the taste and texture of minced beef... it really is the meat of the future!

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About Mumma

Mumma Julian is Julian Cincotta.

Julian is the Head Chef/Co Owner of the Butter Sydney Group- he was the 2015 Cosmo Bachelor Of The Year runner up, but more notably, that same year he won the Josephine Pignolet Young Chef Of The Year Award.
Julian has always wanted to create recipes that hark back to his Italian heritage, and that's exactly what he has been able to do with Mumma Julian's.

At Mumma Julian's you will find recipes that he has been refining since he was a little boy all those years ago cooking with his mumma and aunties - but now with the wisdom of experience, he has been able to bring fine dining style practices and techniques into these simple recipes.

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